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This is my second time with Adventure White Himalaya (ABC and mardi himal) and my favourite guide Raj Neupane always made me feel welcomed! He is very knowledgeable and able to answer all your questions! He is very friendly and warm, will try his very best to make sure u enjoy the entire trip!
The kind of guide u want to have by your side! He also taught me how to descend downhill the right way, followed my pace and constantly checking if i was OK.
I cant thank him enough for everything he did.

Im returning to Nepal for EBC in three days with a different guide from the same company and im sure i will be taken care of! 🙂
I highly recommend the company, the team is exceptional and the whole experience with Adventure White is truly unforgettable. Right from airport pickup to drop off, everything went smooth!

Syaza Shafie

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