Hi. I am Muru from Malaysia. There was a total of 3 of us and we booked Ganesh &(Adventure White Himalaya) for our trip. Our appointed guide was RAJ and porter was Jeeban. Both were very humble people. They guided 3 of us carefully. Even if one was slow, and the other person was fast.. the guide and porter split in 2 teams and followed us everywhere. Raj specifically is a very experienced person and he cared for us even when I fell sick & he even encourages everyone to complete the target as well. Both the guide and porter speak english well and they hospitality is amazing. We take necessary rest and even snacks specifically given by RAJ (oranges, biscuits, pomegranates & etc).. which was awesome hahaha. They also tried to provide us with attached toilet rooms whenever possible and the best meals at every tea houses. We really appreciate their effort and we would not hesitate to book Ganesh & Adventure White Himalaya for any future trips. We specifically recommend RAJ & Jeeban as well because they are definitely the the best at their trades. … Enjoy your next trip and i am sure you will amazed by it.


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