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Adventure White Himalaya Treks one of the leading companies in tourism sectors in the Nepal. Founded by professional with long experiences adventure and community-based tourism, the company is dedicated to delivering high quality service to its clients’ We offer in packages in adventure activities such as Trekking, Mountaineering, Jungle safari, River Rafting, Cannoning, Paragliding, Ultra-flight and other many and more. Our special treks and tours destine to given to you deeper inside in Nepal and Nepalese people.

When your companionship, you will not miss anything and will have worthwhile vacation in Nepal, a unique holiday destination in south Asia. From trekker to adventure seekers, nature lovers to culture researchers, mountaineers to jungle hikers Nepal offer an excellent offers an excellent choice to seekers of fun, recreation, researcher and refreshments. Housing the immense Natural diversity ranging from topical lowlands in south to mount Everest in the north, similarly incredible diversity of culture ethnicity, ecology and greatly hospital able people, she is invariably allured everyone from across the world.

We have most experiences staff and well-educated persons and friendly staff in our team. So, contract us and make wish decision for your leisure. With our team 25 unstaffed are established our self as leading trekking and travel company of Nepal. In nearly six years of our services, we have paid almost our attention in serving all our guests in friendly is our special attention to their personalized needs and maintain our professionalism. Our team of friendly and dedicated professionals, trained and certify by Nepal government and professional agencies, we make your feel really at home. To learn more about us our special o0ffers and updates on the destination we work in we invite you to join our social network.




Ganesh Neupane (Managing Director)

Ganesh Neupane - Adventure White Himalaya Treks

Ganesh Neupane setup his company Adventure White Himalaya Treks in 2016. He has had many years of experience in the tourism industry. He has since 2005 been a guide in the regions of Annapurna, Everest, Lantang, and many, many more. This has given him an indepth knowledge of the culture and traditions of the many casts throughout Nepal.

This has also given him the knowledge to understand and know what the clients require or are maybe anxious about, so this has enabled him to tailor your Adventure experience to your own personal requirements. Thus, enabling you, the client to have an experience of a life time, and one you will never forget.


Bhoj Kumar Neupane (Guide)

Bhoj Kumar Neupane - Adventure White Himalaya Treks

Bhoj Kumar Neupane has several years of trekking experience, speecializing in the regions of Annapurna, Everest, Langtang, Kanchenjunga, Munaslu and many others. He is well known for his cheerful nature, and friendly demeanor, he also trained as a chef, and has a vast knowledge of Nepals history, culture and traditions. He has led many groups of trekkers with ammusment and very nutritious meals in the process, which has helped trekkers on their way.


Ram (Guide)

Team Profile Picture - Adventure White Himalaya Treks

From 2012 Ram started trekking as a porter, and has risen to Trek Leader. His vast knowledge of trekking, his patience, enthusiasm and love of nature makes him a valuable team member. He is able to converse fluently in English, Malay, and Hindi, and enjoys having an intresting conversation and is willing to learn.


Jiben Neapane (Administrative Department)

Jiban Neupane - Adventure White Himalaya Treks

While you will be in our office you can meet with frankly, dedicated, hard worker, dutiful and well-educated boy who is look like the western people’s skin his name is Jiban Neupane or you can call him shortfin as James he is really serious with work and serious with his demeanor as well.

He was born in last of 1993 in the remote village where we can see lots of high mountains, in front of Manansala beneath of Ganesh Hemal which one is more than 7500m. Hight and Mt. Manansala is more then 8,000m. Hight he grew and get school level of education over there while he finished hi school level of education went to Kathmandu for higher education and better job. He made his job and study together Then he gets the job as office boy in travel company within one year he gets the knowledge about trekking and tour then hr. started as crew (porter) till three years’ v hi did continuous as a crew he had lots of knowledge about tour and travel then he became a guide as a senior position till now he has more than 5 years of experiences as guide. he is the mountain marathon winner of so many events he already finished his graduation in travel and tourism he is one of the hard workers well educated and curious types of person. He is responsible full of hi work because his family back ground was very low at that time, he might be a dutiful while he became foolish, he lost each and every thing after that he had very low chance to get the job for his study and lived in Kathmandu that’s why he might be dutiful. He did lots of struggled when he came to Kathmandu

His experience and knowledge will certainly be a big asset when it comes to finding the most appropriate trekking route to suit your timing, budget, health condition etc. By the virtue of his humility and willingness to share his knowledge and experience and his readiness to help others, making friends with almost every new person he meets is not a new thing for him. No matter what heights of success he climbs up to, you will always find him a very down-to-earth person, which is one of his finest qualities.

(Jiben Neapane is a young enthusiastic member of your team from the area of Ganesh Himal. Through his hard work, he has worked his way from being a porter, to a Trekking and Tour Guide, his ambition is to become a Master in Trekking and Mountaineering expeditions and assist in promoting tourism in Nepal.)


Sanjib Neupane (Marketing Manager )

Team Profile Picture - Adventure White Himalaya Treks

Sanjib Neupane is our National Account Manager for the North American region, and continues his studies in Canada.
He joined the company as an intern in the summer of 2014. His contribution in revising and continual updating our website is invaluable. Sanjib’s passion for trekking and the nature to be found in the Himalaya’s inspires our cause for excellence in the tourism industry.


Yuda Kharsana (Operation Manager – Indonesia)

Team Profile Picture - Adventure White Himalaya Treks

Native of Indonesia, Yuda Kharsana arrived in 2017. He is the manager for operations with Indonesia clients. His experience of 15 years plus, propels his endeavour in operations as a partner in Adventure White Himalaya Treks.


Joel Tambis (Technical Admin)

Joel Tambis

Joel Tambis is our Australia Manager. He has been managing Adventure White Himalaya Treks from Australia. He is very valuable team member of Adventure White Himalaya Treks.


Brian Negus (UK Director )

Brian Negus - Adventure White Himalaya Treks

Brian Negus is a very valuable member of our team, based in the U.K. Brian first arrived in Nepal in 2014, and he has returned to Nepal every year for 3 or 4 months ever since. Fascinated by the abundance of nature, the diversity of the country, and the cultures of the people. He has visited many places in Nepal, Pokhara, Chitwan, Gorka, Lumbini, to name a few, he has also done many treks, including the one most people want to do, Everest Base Camp.

He is our U.K. representative, so if you have any questions or queries regarding your Adventure in Nepal, with Adventure White Himalaya Treks, please email him at brian.huntershill@gmail.com


Arjun Khatri (Technical Admin)

Arjun Khatri is the CEO and Founder of Sektall Inc.

As the Technical Admin, Arjun Khatri handles all the technical issues and manages the technical department. He has 7+ years of experience in the tech world. He loves to work in team. He has been working as an IT trainer since 3 years. He is a Java Developer.