Adventure White Himalaya Treks 

Adventure White Himalaya Treks one of the leading companies in tourism sectors in the Nepal. Founded by professional with long experiences adventure and community-based tourism, the company is dedicated to delivering high quality service to its clients’ We offer in packages in adventure activities such as Trekking, Mountaineering, Jungle safari, River Rafting, Cannoning, Paragliding, Ultra-flight and other many and more. Our special treks and tours destine to given to you deeper inside in Nepal and Nepalese people. When your companionship, you will not miss anything and will have worthwhile vacation in Nepal, a unique holiday destination in south Asia. From trekker to adventure seekers, nature lovers to culture researchers, mountaineers to jungle hikers Nepal offer an excellent offers an excellent choice to seekers of fun, recreation, researcher and refreshments. Housing the immense Natural diversity ranging from topical lowlands in south to mount Everest in the north, similarly incredible diversity of culture ethnicity, ecology and greatly hospital able people, she is invariably allured everyone from across the world. We have most experiences staff and well-educated persons and friendly staff in our team. So, contract us and make wish decision for your leisure. With our team 25 unstaffed are established our self as leading trekking and travel company of Nepal. In nearly six years of our services, we have paid almost our attention in serving all our guests in friendly is our special attention to their personalization’s needs and maintain our professionalism. Our team of friendly and dedicated professionals, trained and certify by Nepal government and professional agencies, we make your feel really at home. To learn more about us our special o0ffers and updates on the destination we work in we invite you to join our social networks